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Default UPS brought me Black Death today

Yes I know I need to change the stabilizer & wrist sling- I'm considering having it dipped black/carbon cos you cannot buy the Sorboteks anymore.

Brown came kinda late and I opened the box up, drew it once, and threw it in my bow case and headed to the shop. Set the loop 1/8" above square, eyeballed the centershot, got the LD cord set, peep in, and sight on. It's 28.5" AMO dead nuts, 59 pounds. 6 & 1/8" brace.

301 Grain Carbon Tech Cheetah shot 318 FPS.
388 grain ICS Hunter shot 287 FPS

As you can see it has an EXTRA LONG serving. I'm confident I will be at or over 320 IBO and 290 with the hunting shaft when it gets a "proper" serving on it. The string is supposedly built by Stone Mountain and after a few shots, settled in (at leats for the time being).

But who gives a crap about speed if it won't shoot, right? It took me a few shots to get my 20 yard pin where it needed to be, and then I shot my first 3 arrow group which was 2 ICSH stacked on top of one another and one about 1/2" away. My next 2 groups were the same. I even took a nice picture with my phone camera...and forgot to save it [:@]

I'm sorry, but these Binary cam bows just flat out rule the roost as far as I am concerned. They aim better than anything I've ever had in my hands, the limb stop cannot be beat, they are easy peasy to tune, absolutely stack arrows, and are quick as all get out. They are a little stiff on the back end of the draw but that I can live with for all the positives traits. I immediately was shooting this bow with far less effort than I thought it would require with a 6" brace height.

The bow has little recoil and vibration considering- it's not as gentle as my admiral to shoot, but its right in there with the GT-500 (and has the speed the GT was SUPPOSED to have ) and AM35 for recoil. I put a pair of Limbavers on, and really the difference was insignificant.- kinda pi$$ed me off I spent the $ on them. The noise is slightly more than the GT500 or a 82nd or X force, but the guys at the shop a said that it's actually quieter than I'm percieving it when shooting.

The bow has a couple of minor finish issues (a very small ding under the powdercoat, and a scuff on one limb butt), but considering I traded a used guitar for it, I'm in no position to complain, and considering the money these generally sell for (a couple hundred less than most top end speed bows) I still would not complain- serious bang for the buck. I'm very impressed and I was prepared to be sorely disappointed based on my last 2 Martins (which I had issue with the cam systems, not the bow design). I was so psyched about the bow I totally forgot to spine test the Victory arrows.

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