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Default RE: Preliminary 2009 Wisconsin Deer Season Structure

I'm afraid we are in for more of the same this year. They are proposing larger DMU's. Now they will be screwing up their counts and predictions on a larger scale. I think they do their surveys at the wrong time of the year and this is why the present way of predicting the deer population is flawed. Correct me if i'm wrong on this, but they do the counts when alot of deer are still yarded up. Deer move a long way in the northern part of the state, and this could be part of the problem. I'm just throwing this out there, so somebody let me know if this theory is far fetched or could be a factor. I think it is a certain fact that in the past $$$$$$$$$$$ was their (DNR) reason for giving out so many tags.

Lets hear what others think!!!!!!
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