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Nice tutorial Zubba. Mossy, purring on a mouth call isn't easy, so if you don't get it down, don't try to do it with a bird coming in. Try just scratching in the leaves, that works too. It is hard to do, but do not call every time you hear him gobble or every time he answers your calls. If you do, chances are he'll get hung up and wait for you (the hen) to come to him. Unless there are other hens calling, I play hard to get. Make him think I'm not interested in him. I just cluck softly, purr a little on my slate, and scratch leaves. Sometimes I just shut up. If he thinks he's being ignored, there's a good chance he'll come in looking for you. If the hens are calling, like Zubba said, do just what they are doing and hope for the best. It can get pretty frustrating and you will make mistakes, but you will learn from them. If you have any questions during the season about what might have happened or anything, ask! And like Zubba said, DON'T MOVE! Their eye sight is incredible. Don't get your gun up unless he is behind a tree or behind a hill, or maybe if he is strutting with his fan facing you. You WILL get busted by moving. Good Luck!
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