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Default RE: Preliminary 2009 Wisconsin Deer Season Structure

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Trap, maybe I was wrong on blaming "all" the hunters for not doing their jobs and not shooting enough Does. But you know and I know that there are old school guys out there that refuse to shoot does because they think it's taboo an are set in their ways and others also don't shoot em' to despite the DNR. Hence the sightings up in one area and down in another area of the same DMU. Like I said before there is a place for EAB in certain areas!

I also think "some" of the deer hunters have been spoiled in some areas of the state with the big numbers over the past few years. They want to be able to walk out into the woods and shoot a deer or two every time in the woods. Now that they may have to work a little for it they don't, they would rather look for a scape goat, they blame the DNR. There were a lot of deer killed this year so they are out there! Hell even my numbers were down a bit, I thought man the winter kill took a lot of deer this past year. Then late season bowhunting there were deer everywhere! Sure they yard up on the food sources but I was seeing big numbers on all the food sources! I counted 68 deer in one fiald while coyote hunting in late jan. Now where were these deer during the season, thats what I'd like to know!
I tell yo this, that job to count the deer is a ruthless one, I wouldn't want it, trying to please all the hunters, ain't gonna happen!
Yeah - The good ole DNR is having a real tough time doing their ruthless job! My heart bleeds for them.


As for the hunters looking for a (SCAPE GOAT) to pin the lack of deer on, the DNR is totally at fault for screwing up the deer numbers. Why not admit it????????????[:@][:@]

Go back in your posts BHF - seems to me you stated that you saw all kinds of deer, "bruisers" as you called them. That is why you like EAB, thats what you said then. Now you say, "hell even my numbers were down a bit". [:-]

Sounds to me like you would fit right in with the DNR!!!!!!!!!!!

Compared to the year before and the RECORD numbers I seen, yes my sightings were down a bit, but I knew that was going to be the case this season, I changed my style of hunting this year and went to a Longbow, successfully I might add as well. I set up completely different and in NEW areas. I'm not complaining one bit on the numbers I seen this year, just making a statement so don't go trying to put your own little twist on what I said to suit your needs, nice try! Yes, I seen all kinds of deer this year, plenty of big bucks, 2 or 3 at a time, couldn't shoot them, no buck tag, but that seems to bother you more than me! I'm happy with my season, not one complaint. I still have a Buck tag in my pocket and can't wait to spend my time in the woods again this year! Have fun in your box blind waiting.....[8D]

Oh yeah the DNR did admit it, did you find "your" scapegoat yet??
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