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Default RE: Preliminary 2009 Wisconsin Deer Season Structure

I also think "some" of the deer hunters have been spoiled in some areas of the state with the big numbers over the past few years. They want to be able to walk out into the woods and shoot a deer or two every time in the woods.
But these people who do want to walk out and shoot a deer when theywant, are normally the people that do shoot does. So they endorse the EAB. I hunt to hunt. I like to shoot bucks. But last year, not even seeing a deer.. kind of hard to do that. And I worked at it. I changed stands, I stalked marshes, I went on drives, and no deer around my house.

What really cooked my bacon a few years backwas when I witnessed a hunting family (five hunters)with atree full of doe they were forced to shoot. I asked them how they were going to eat all of that venison, and they just laughed and said they had to shoot them in order to shoot at a buck. That to me was just wrong.

Personally I like seeing deer. The herd is gone. And so will be my hunting dollars. I just put stickers on my boat, so I guess I will fish for a while.Let the deer take a breather.
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