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Default RE: Preliminary 2009 Wisconsin Deer Season Structure

BowhuntingFool why would you blame the hunters in the EAB areas for not doing there job??? That's a bit idiotic at best. I don't think you read my post or don't grasp the comprehension of it. I'm not a horn hunter andI've said that. I do prefer shoot a buck because I don't see the deer numbers that are supposedly there. I'd rather let a doe go if I have the choice of shooting one or the other at the same time. I don't know of anyone that is a horn hunter on the approx 600 acres of private landI hunt on. We've all done our jobs in harvesting antlerless deer along with bucks when we get the chance.

What everyone is pissed about is the steady decline of deer sightings over the last few years while the DNR implements an EAB for the first time in 2008 in 73D. The deer numbers have been going down in my area before EAB. Why in the hell did we get put in it then? It's political and greed of the DNR to inflate numbers to try to convince people the deer herd is out of control.

It islikely that the deer numbers are above goalin one area of a DMU without a doubt. But when the DNR blankets an entire DMUbecause of one small area all it's going to do is cause an even bigger decline in sightings in other areasand will harbor resentment from the hunters. That's already happening. I don't trust a DNR employee (herd counter)any farther than I could throw one. I doubt if it would be a problem to get several thousand hunters in the state to do justthat. It could be a game just like the DNR is treating deer hunting in this state.
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