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Default Attention all Texas Guides and Outfitters - Please Read *UPDATED*

I wasn't sure this was the correct forum in which to post this but I thought it would be the most appropriate.

I received a phone call from a gentleman at Lake Brownwood, TX that informed me of an effort by some in the chamber of commerce and possibly the county commissioners to impose a lodging tax on guides and outfitters. This may include ranches that are leased out year round but include a lodge.
It would basically be a local hotel/motel tax of 7% on top of the 6% that the state already gets. In effect this would be a 13% total tax. Ranchers who lease out their places for hunting would be responsible for paying this tax as well as guide/outfitter operations.

This is NOT being done in Austin by the legislature because it would have to have a state referendum and be voted on. This is a local, county by county effort. I'm sorry I do not currently have a list of counties that are also attempting this but each of you needs to contact your local Chamber of Commerce and your County Commissioners Court to see if such an effort may be under way in your area.

The gentleman that called me is David Autrey and he runs a small cottage/lodging operation at Lake Brownwood and is himself a former guide/outfitter and was trying to get the word out about this because it would affect him also. He gave me permission to post his name and phone number if anyone has any questions.

He further told me that the taxes raised here would supposedly be primarily for covering the “administrative cost” of the chamber of commerce to promote businesses and events in their area.

Brownwood is the only area that I currently have information on but I wouldn't be surprised if this was taking place in other areas as well. It appears that they are trying to slip in a tax without having to go through the normal legal channels in Austin.

There will be an open forum on this issue at the Brownwood Country Club at 11:30am on the 26th of March.
David's phone number is (325) 784-6509 and he has more information on this issue.

If I get anymore information on this issue I will pass it along.


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