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Default Where would you hunt? (with Aerial and Topo maps)

After a long search for land to bow-hunt, I was given access to hunt some private land. Because of the late timing last year, I was not able to properly scout the entire property. I put up a stand in a no-brainer spot with limited scouting time. I did see a few bucks, and did get a shot on a decent buck. This year I will be scouting more heavily before season and take a fresh look at the property. To that end, here are some aerial and topo photos of the property. I outlined the property boundries in red. The fields that are green in the aerials were corn last year, probably will be soybeans or corn this year. I have a few spots picked out for certain reasons, but wanted to get some more feedback from the forum based soley on maps.

Which spot(s) would you hunt and why?

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