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Default New rifle coming!

Ok, so I decided on a new rifle. I was considering a long range setup in 7mm RUM like a Sendero, but reconsidered since the likelihood I'd ever need that much gun is probably low, and I still have a .30-06 if some generous individual decided to drop and all-expense-paid elk hunt in my lap!

So the gun is the Remington 700 LSS in 257 Weatherby Mag. It's the full length version with the grey/black laminate stock and 26" magnum contour bbl, not the Mountain LSS with the brown laminate and short pencil-thin mountain bbl. It's got the X-Mark Pro trigger, which I'm not sure is a blessing or a curse, but if it sucks and I can't get it adjusted where I like, Rifle Basix makes a hunting weight drop-in trigger. I chose the .257 Wby because the cartridge is different, it's flat shooting and it'll smack the crap out of deer. I wouldn't hesitate to use it for elk at under 200 yards with a bullet like the 115 grain TSX, but I'd probably just use my .30-06 to be on the safe side. I'll handload so the cost of ammo won't be outrageous and I'll be able to load premium bullets. Overall, it's a very nice looking rifle (much prettier than my Savage), and hopefully it'll be a shooter.

I'm going to put a Zeiss Conquest 4.5-14x50 scope on it, probably in Warne or Burris Signature rings and bases.

I bought it NIB from a dealer on Gunbroker, so I should have it and the scope hopefully by next weekend. I can't wait!


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