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Default RE: Browning A- Bolt value

I wish i could tell you for sure exactly what the value of your A-bolt Stalker shotgun is, but it's changing so much above blue book value (low anyway) so much it hasn't stabilized yet. These bolt action shotguns are now commanding a premium due to people finding out just how good they shoot slugs, especially the fully rifled version. Browning couldn't sell enough of them at the time so they discontinued them. Now, they are starting to have somewhat of an cult following. Just guessing, I would say, depending on condition, your Stalker would be worth 600-700$ on the low side, possibly going to 1,100$ or more on the high side. Don't shoot me if I'm a couple hundred$ off 1 way or the other. Are you SURE you want to sell it? Because it'll hold it's value no matter how much it's used, keeping it in good condition of course, but will be almost impossible to replace later if you have seller's remorse. You could very easily have seller's remorse once you discover it's darn hard to match it's accuracy with it's favorite slug.
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