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Default RE: My buck from 11-17-08

Well I think the Rimjob did allude to what you thought too.. Just a funny nickname that kind of stuck, and then it just popped in my head when I was thinking of something for the rimfire website.

Thanks for your help with the taxi's guys. I will look in to something before next season. South Dakota is awesome for deer hunting. I know that this buck isn't world class, but he is one that not everyone can shoot and he is pretty good in my book.. And the best part is, we have this caliber of deer EVERY year. I may not get one every year, but there are lots of them out there. I hunt a large ranch along with 6 or 7 other guys, so there is a little competition, I just have to put my work in to find my deer and have a little luck along side.

Once again, thanks for all you input and help. Hopefully I can post another one or two next year.
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