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Hey!!! What the heck is up?? Team 6 is checking the mail boxes every day looking for that Waterfowl Competition trophy. And what about that bigprize we were promised??? I keep looking for the check, but everything I get is either from Ed McMahon or Pres. Obama(spreading the wealth don't ya know). I hope I get to compete again next year, but I don't know if I will be able to afford to.I don't shoot 1 duck for every 1.5 shots like some of the guys on the other forums. If the better half knew how much I'd spent on ammo this year.......well let's just say it's a good thing we are done having kids, "cause there would not be any chance of having any after she got done with me. Hope to see ya'll next year. M_59, member of Team #6 Team Mudhen
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