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Default RE: build me an arrow....

Okay, so I am at work and a little bored, I will play.

So with a massive 31" DL, shooting 70lbs and wanting a fairly high FOC, you are going to need a stiffer spine than most. I came up with the following arrow, which I believe meets everything you asked for and keeps price in mind.

Goldtip Expedition Hunter 7595. The specs on this arrow are as follows...Straightness +/-0.006, Spine 340, Weight 8.9gpi.

This arrow cut at 31" (I don't know what rest you are using so I just went with DL for arrow lenght, it will get us in the ball park), standard aluminum insert, 125 grain BH, Goldtip's LockNock, and fletched with 3" feathers will weigh in at 438 grains and give you a FOC of 13.6%. You can move up to 4" feathers and change your total arrow weight to 440 grains with a FOC of 13.3%, or move to 3" vanes with a total arrow weight of 451 grains with a FOC of 12.1%.

As far as price goes, you can find thisarrow all over the place for around $50 per dozen bare shafts. If you wanted to move up to a little higher end arrow, you can go with the Goldtip XT Hunter. The specs are identical as stated above, with the exception of the straightness, these are +/-0.003 and run about $70 per dozen bare shafts.

Of course there is a bunch of room to change things here. I would recommend changing out the Goldtip LockNocks to something lighter which will drop your total arrow weight and give a little higher FOC.
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