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Default Closing thoughts

I thought of this in my last day in the stand in Early February. Funny what you'll do to keep the cold away..Anyway I had a poem at the beginnign of the season, seems only fitting to close it out with one..

A Hunters Compassion

I sit in my stand, the last day of the season
Why was I in these elements? I cannot think of a reason.
Alone in the snow and the blistering cold
Not knowing if, my plan will unfold.

I reflect on the days I’ve spent in a tree.
Most times alone, just Mother Nature and me.
This day is different, tomorrow, the season will be past.
But the Good Lord willing it won’t be my last.

The evening cold, is coming as the sun begins to sink
I catch movement to my right, another branch in the wind, so I think.
Slowly I turn, and there, silhouetted in the snow
Stands the figure alone, a yearling Doe.

She’s coming right at me, she doesn’t know that I’m there
Fresh from her bed, I can see snow on her hair.
At twenty yards she pauses without giving me a look
I can’t explain why, but my bow stays on the hook.

She’ll struggle to survive, winters strong grip.
She’ll have predators after her, she can’t let her guard slip.
I don’t feel the need to disturb the peaceful woods
Success is at hand, just knowing I could.

Four months of hunters and now the struggle to feed
She’s won this year, she’s found a way to succeed.
I let her have a gift, the only one I could give,
She touched me this day and so on she will live.

I let her amble on till she’s totally out of sight
I head home empty handed to my family tonight.
I lower my bow and slowly I climb down.
I thank the Lord, for the day, without making a sound.
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