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Default WTS Fashionable- Black Powder Storage Tubes

You may have some of these tubes already,...But here are some Color Coordinated Items you may want to add to your Possibles Bag

See some tube configuration Pics by clicking on link below:ℑ=123194704&images=123194 704,117186120,117186125,193493858,193493873,123931 315,123931153,123931531,193496627,230521663&format s=0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0&format=0

Yes! I now have some RED and GREEN Caps!

All Tubes, Long (10ml) and Short (5ml), are now just .36cents each. You choose what size and color caps

You can PM me, or contact me directly at: [email protected]

Who says Hunters can't be Fashionable??!

(If you go to my ebay site you will have to pay .42cents a tube[:'(] I hate Ebay[:@])

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