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Default Doing some upgrades...

Im stripping my bow down this year. Its been the same way for the last 2 years, and im ready for a change. Im looking to get a new string, sight, rest and stabilizer. The only thing im going to keep on it is the MeanV string suppressor. My bow is a 2006 Hoyt Lazertec, maxed out to 60 LBS and a 29 inch draw length (if i remember correctly). I shoot Easton Epic arrows.

What im looking at:

String: Getting rid of my 2 year old Vapor Trail andgetting a Gibblet/Bucknasty string. I hear alot of good stuff about them.

Sight: I will be selling my Trophy Ridge Micro Matrix 5 pin and i think purchasing a G5. Any info here would be appreciated.

Rest: I don't like my NAP drop away at all, and i dont have anything chosen as far as the replacement right now. Ive been looking at the spot hog though. This is where i need some help.

Stabilizer: I have a little limbsavor on their now but looking at the 6" Fuse.

Any help or info you guys can dish out would be appreciated!
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