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Default Leaf River Trail Scan Vs. TrailTimer EZ-Cam?

I have a TrailTimer PhotoHunter and after 2 years of being in the woods with hundreds of pics, it' s about done for. The raccoons beat it up this summer and now the camera is shot. I plan on getting another camera through trailtimer but I' m also thinking of picking up a second cam. I' m thinking of getting the TrailTimer EZ-Cam or the Leaf River Trail Scan.

Anyone have any experience with either of them? I can' t find any info on the boards about either. I' m wondering what kind of batteries the trail scan take and how long they last. I' m also wondering about miss-fires. My photohunter almost never miss-fires, there' s almost always a deer, turkey, or something in the pic.

I' d appreciate any info, thanks!
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