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Default RE: Fort AP Hill Hunting

Sounds Good I'm defiantly gonna try it out this year the onyl way to get on the SA list is to either do community service or know someone that important ? I'm a trophy hunter for the most part I'm looking for the 125 Inch deer and up range my neibor brother in law shot a 8 pointer out of there that grossed 170 this thing had 25 or 26 inch main beams and I wanna say that he shot it around the impact area like the high 20's and 30's Area with muzzerloader and I herd there was a 14 or 16 pointer shot this past season not sure if thats a rumor but defiantly enuff to get me off of Quantico and try somewhere new plus u got longer doe season Quantico is only 6 days tell me anymore info about the base deer hunting i'm taking it all in where are the big boys at 135 or better where should I start at ?
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