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Default RE: Fort AP Hill Hunting

I've hunted AP Hill since 98 and have taken some nice bucks. The largest scored 144 and was shot the Monday before Thanksgiving. I've seen many many nice bucks taken there including the #6 (I think) state blackpowder buck. Gorgeous deer with drop tines. Many of the nicer bucks have been taken out of the controlled areas, where you need to either know someone to go as their guest or get on a wait list to take the test and do community service. I stick mostly to the training areas. The trick is to know several training areas, because your favorite one may be closed to hunting. Off the top of my head, I can list 13 different training areas where I've killed bucks. Another trick, as in any public hunting area, is to get off the road and hike in. From my experience, many hunters are affraid to loose sight of there truck. However, keep in mind that you must be checked back in by a certain time or you can loose your privlidge after being late the second time. This can be tough if you shoot something at dusk, find it, dress it and drag out and race back to the check station before it's too late. Sometimes you can check in and go back out to retrieve your deer, depends which provost marshall is on duty, other times the on call game warden will ****** you.

It's a good place to hunt if you do your homework and an excellent place to get meat for the freezer as ButchA witnessed with his 435,726 doe just kiddin Butch!
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