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Default RE: Fort AP Hill Hunting

I have hunted Ft AP Hill a few times and only saw does. I mean, good God, like almost 435,726 does!!! They walk right across the road in front of you!

But yet, they are so "educated", they just know when it's time for hunters to hit the woods. And worse yet... they somehow know what TA (training area) is closed for the day. (Example: Youget assigned TA 21 and then you don't see a F$*%&@ thing all day. But yet out of sheer frustration, you decide to pack up and go back to the game check station to see about getting a new TA. While driving around, you stop near TA 26 and check the area with your binos. The whole entire freakin' herd of deer is in TA 26. Why??? TA 26 IS CLOSED THAT DAY!!! [:@]) Sorry to be negative, but like I said, I've been to AP Hill and don't even bother anymore.

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