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Default RE: Fort AP Hill Hunting

I have hunted both bases and I am not sure I would say that you will get bigger bucks out of the Hill, I have seen alot of the bruisers that come out of Mainside on Quantico as well as some that have yet to be harvested and will say that if did counted the number of mountable deer killed that Quantico is better than the Hill on average. I have seen some bruisers come out of the Hill and know that there are some super bruisers killed around the outskirts of the base but that place gets so much pressure during gun season that they get scarce quick. Take this with the fact that it has been a number of years since I have hunted on the Hill..probably 8 or 10 years. But have hunted Quantico in the last few years for archery.

Like I said these are just my experiences, personally unless it was my only choice I would stay off both,but I knwo I am fortunate in the amount of private land I have access to and that alot of people dont, hence the reason I am workign on a small club..maybe primative weapion only for this year.
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