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Default RE: WI. EAB on choping block

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I'm all for EAB, I'll be at the meeting in my area!!!!!!! I seen nothing but big bucks in the unit I hunt thats EAB, the other thats not EAB, not so much! I also seen plenty of Does in both units!
Obviously you don't hunt in northern Wisconsin. They don't have earn-a-buck up there yet, but then again, a good season is seeing one buck all season, and maybe that many does. Also, the unit I bowhunt in Southern Wisconsin has been put on an EAB watch list for next year. Maybe when the DNR realizes how much the herd is down, which they probobly won't, they will scratch EAB. If you think that you need earn a buck, then you go ahead and shoot a few does. The rest of the state doesn't need it.
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