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Default RE: WI. EAB on choping block

EAB works in areas with an overpopulation of does and deer in general, the problem is that the DNR does not have a handle on how to accurately count deer populations and therefore EAB is being implemented in alot of areas it should not be and decimating the deer herds there.
Yes, that's right. And as far as thinking EAB is a good policy...tell you what...if you have too many does in your unit, try shooting some! Try talking to the neighbors and have them shoot some.

EAB is another governmental effort to say

"The public is too stupid and needs us at the DNR to force them to shoot antlerless deer, despite the fact that their own eyes have told them there are fewer deer. Forget about the fact that as farmers controlling crop damage involves shooting does. Forget about the fact that landowners have an interest in shooting does to make sure trophy bucks are on their land. They are dumb, we at the DNR are smart, and they need to listen to us."

If you buy that logic...well...then I guess you believe other governmental myths, likethe DMV is efficient, and $2,000 toilet seats are fairly priced.
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