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Default RE: hunters willing to go to spring meetings /WI

Has it ever occured to you that people have more in life to do then just B#$ch about the DNR.
Yep...and they have more in life than posting on hunting message boards, too....OOOPS!...

I don't think it is unreasonable to expect a governmental agency, supposedly one that is accountable to the people, that has a multimillion dollar annual budget...to be accountable to the group that supplies roughly 30% of their funding: hunters. Part of that accountability means hearing from hunters when they basically promise a near record harvest due to record deer numbers, and turn out to be off by 20% or more...they deserve to have an earful.

Whether or not you want to attend the meetings is up to you...frankly, as I stated earlier, the meetings tend to be a show staged because the DNR is required to have them. Still, the DNR has modified some rules in the past due to public input.

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