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- I wash my clothing with scent free soap and keepthem and all my gear ( boots, backpack...) in a big rubbermaid toat with some bark and leaves from an oak tree.

- I rewash my UA base layers and socks (both antimicrofibrial) after every couple of days of hunting, store them in the toat as well.

- I take a shower with scent free soap right before I go hunting, get dressed in the basement, and go straight to my truck.

-Ispray down the inside of my truck with scent killerthe night before I go hunting, no air freshners and no smoking in the cab. I spay all my clothing, boots, and gear with scent killer before I leave my truck, and play the wind while I hunt.

- I've been using this routine for 6 years,I never get busted, and see mature bucks every year(killed 4 of them, should have killed 3 more!) My buddy wears scent lok(which probably helps)but he doesn't stay as clean, he hunts the same farm, but doesn't see the number of mature bucks that I see. You have to stay clean! I know guys who have shot mature bucks while taking a dump and smoking, but you will not see or kill nearly as many deer and especially big deer unless you're scent free.
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