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Default RE: Wisconsin Hunters (next year)

2008 was a good over all deerharvest for Wisconsin,should rank 11th or 12th highest on record. 20 years ago, 2008would have been an new record high harvest, and hunters were very happy to have that kind of oportunity. Biggest difference is, 20 years ago, bowhunters accounted for 13% of the total harvest. The last few years, bowhunters have accounted forover 22% of the deer harvest.

This winter is starting out on the harsh side. I personally predict there will be veryfew, if any, EAB zones outside the CWD management area.

For me, 2009 will be no different than 2008. Try to take at least one doe in the CWD zone as early as possible to get that EAB sticker in hand. Up north, bow or gun, bucks only get shot if they are going on the wall, a doe is shooters choice. The Teen-age boys in camp can shootany does, and any buck they want. We saw a record number of different small bucks whilebowhunting in 08, so 2009 should be a great year for everyone, looking forward to it.
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