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Default SG550 Help?

I recently purchased an SG550 and im having some trouble with it. I have it set to take 12 second videos with a one minute interval between triggers. I'll set it up and within 10 minutes or so something triggers it and it doesnt seem to want to shut off. it just keeps taking videos every minute and 12 seconds. The sensor is set at normal and i have a 2GB SD card in it. So it takes about 8 hours or so and it fills the memory card up with these videos and then it will stop. I go out there a couple days later and turn it off, change SD cards, turn it back on, and check the card in my computer. All i get is bunch of videos with nothing in them. I am in michigan and it is pretty cold also.

Anyway, any ideas? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Nick
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