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Default RE: hunters willing to go to spring meetings /WI

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I think that would be a greatidea to video the meetings. What a great way to show hunters that are not aware of what goes on there. What tv show would you put them on? You and I know not all hunters will get envolved so this way they can see what we are talking about in regards to the DNR.

I can't see why they(the DNR) wouldn't let you video the meeting. If they don't let you, a nice article in the paper will make them wish they had.
I would air it on my show; Pronghorn Productions Tv, it airs locally out of Madison on Fox 47 WMSN Sat. at noon, would also air it on my website as I do with all episodes of the show.......I am on a 2 week hiatus but the show will be back the 17th of Jan. I will look into videoing it when the meetings draw nearer,but knowing the DNR I would bet they have some sort of rule against it, otherwise I would think we would have seen it done on another show?
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