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Default RE: Predator Camo?

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I beg anyone to find a higher quality piece of clothing anywhere.
That is a double edged sword too though. I beg anyone to find a higher PRICED piece of clothing anywhere.

Sure they are the best, but they are by far the most expensive as well. You get what you pay for in clothing, it is just up to the individual to decide whether the high cost is worth it.

If you want the best of the best, and are willing to pay alot for it, go with GWW or Day One.

IF all you want is decent camo that'll keep you hidden and last atleast a few seasons, you can easily get by with the regular Predator Gear. I have some of the cotton stuff offered, and it is what it is...basic cotton clothing with an excellent pattern. I will say though, the camo has great color retention, washed mine alot this year with zero fading. If you plan on using a dryer and layering under, definitely buy a size larger than what you where, the stuff shrinks, quite a bit. I also have their fleece jacket and like how warm it is...great put together jacket. Wish the sleeves were longer and the cuffs weren't so tight..but all in all, a good buy.

Its just like any other hunting equipment, you can get by easily with the lower end stuff, or fork out an arm and a leg to get the stuff suited for kings that is no doubt better...kind of depends on what youre expectations are and what you are willing to spend.
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