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Default RE: Reconyx RC60 Initial Impression

Hey Steve,

If I read everything right, I believe that on RapidFire mode it will usually take a pic every 1 second or so. I believe that is about as fast as the camera can write the picture onto the memory card, charge the flash, and trigger. I know that your memory card comes into play also, a slower CF card will take longer to write the picture so it will take longer to trigger another photo. When I ordered my CF cards yesterday I noticed the write times on some of the cheaper ones were 1.8 megabytes per second, so a 3 megabyte photo would take almost 2 seconds before it was done writing to the card and the camera could take another photo. I ordered 2 cards, both 2 GB, that are rated at a write speed of 18 MB per second. I am looking forward to them coming in so I can see if the fast writing cards make any differance, I will definetly keep this post updated on how they work.
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