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Default RE: Reconyx RC60 Initial Impression

ORIGINAL: Schultzy

The "Pics per trigger" is set at 1, it is on Rapid Fire Mode and no quiet period.
Let me know the difference In seconds between pics when It's on Rapid fire mode. I just noticed on mine the other day that when I had It on Rapid fire mode It wasn't taking pics every 1/5th of a second like It's suppose to. It was doing It every second to 2 seconds. Maybe I didn't have something set right but I don't think It can be set wrong when It's on rapid fire. Mine Is also set on no quiet period but my pics per trigger Is set at 5. ****, Never mind, I guess If your pics per trigger Is set at one then It will only take one.
Hey Schultzy,

If you drop yourquality down to the 1.3 megapixel setting it will take around one pic per second. It also depends on how much background there is in the picture. Your pictures per second will be faster at night time. My RC55 will take two per second sometimes.The RM 45 is a constant one pic per second about 95% ot the time.
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