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Spotlighting???? Lol my dad just called the police on a (lastnight) spotlighter u better not get caught....I dont agree with it but whatever
To each his own

I'm assuming it's legal. There are certain things here that can be hunted at night with spotlights.
Yes, what I go spot lighting for is legal. And I myself have called the Game Warden on people spot lighting, but there was a safety issue with where they were discharging the firearms. In Texas we can go spot lighting for any non-game(Varmint) animal, which is an endless list, a lot of the things in the states where you guys are hunting in that have seasons, don't here, such as hogs, racoons, squirrels, rabbits(don't really know if anyone has a season on these), and coyotes. But in relation to your concern about getting caught, I have my license, my hunters ed, and I never shoot at anything that isn't with in legal hunting hours or season.
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