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what happened to the rest of team 7????????????
i'm still around, but remember i screwed up and forgot to have my ML with my buck. once it was determined it didn't count (which it was counted for a little while), i had already shot a second buck. my second buck was smaller than my first buck so i didn't get pictures with it or have it scored since i thought my first buck was going to be counted (which it was at the time). when it was decided that my first buck was not going to count, it was too late. the rules say you only count 1 of your first 2 bucks, so i have been basically disqualified. i am still here though, keeping up with the teams progress. our deer season ends January 4th for my region, i could travel up state and hunt into February for deer though. our small game season don't end until March, so i am fixing to concentrate on wild hawgs (legal to take during small game).
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