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Well, first are you new to finger shooting? If so, work on that for a few months. You can get false indicators if your release is sloppy, and getting a weak arrow can compensate for that, and the better you get over time, you will have to change up again. You will be wasting your time when learning how to finger shoot.

If you are a pretty good finger shooter, then I suggest ordering you an array of tips from 75gr to 250gr. You can get these from 3 rivers archery.Eash time you change out a tip, make sure nocking position is correct. You can do this thru paper by paper tune, or bareshaft tuning. Next, change up tips until you dont' see the fishtale.

I pretty well just bareshaft tune these days. You can follow Eastons tuning guide for bareshaft or follow OL Adcock tuning section. I myself do not like carbons for tuning. With aluminums, I can cut down the arrows little at a time to tune. Its nice to have an array of aluminums just for tuning. I keep 2 or 3 of about every size from 1816's to 2315's for this purpose.