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Default RE: So how many Wisconsin EAB units in '09?

I have lost all my faith and respect for the DNR.

They are a bunch of bureaucratic a-holes who don't give a damn about us or wildlife. As long asthey get a paycheck every week their happy, andthey continueback to their job, managing wildlife from their cozy, warm offices.

We pay how much in licenses and taxes and this is what we get!

You have got to be kidding me, right?

Not like that money could have been spent on public hunting and fishing lands or funding more hunter education classes or getting more wardens out in the field instead off limiting the number of patroling officers because gas is too expensive orgiving some of that money to butchers across the state instead of asking you when you buy your license if you would like to donate money to butchers to help for the Hunters for the-Hungry program. What the hell did I just pay a license for! The list could go on and on.

Oh thats right, to fund more useless research of CWD. A disease thats been in this state longer than 2002. The bureaupunks decided to tell everyone we got the best biologists and scientists money can buy working on it. Have no fear, we'll get it taken care of. Give us your money to help fight it, and we did.

Well now its 2008, 6 years after the "discovery" of CWD and it still isn't gone. 6 seasons of giving our money to these dumbasses. Doing what they told us to do and CWD is still here. Why? Because it will always be here, they need to get that threw their head. Stop wasting our money on this and put it togood use.

Hunter numbers are going down, and if crap like this continues they'll keep going that way. If the DNR had any smarts in them at all, that use some of that money to promote the outdoors to more kids.

Im done ranting. Have a nice day.[:'(]
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