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Default RE: So how many Wisconsin EAB units in '09?

1sagittarius, I am hoping the DNR is looking at things as logically as you are. To me, everything you stated makes perfect sense. My concern is that of the three facts listed in your first sentence: '07 deer harvest, 07'/'08 winter, and '08/'09 winter, the DNR was fully aware of two of them when they created the so-called EAB Watch List this past summer.

Let's hope that common sense is a common commodity at the DNR.
Common sense, Reason, and a deep concern for all wildlife and habitats(not just deer), is alive and well within the DNR.

We have enjoyed super high deer populations, and high deer harvestsfor many years now. 20 years ago, this years deer harvest would have been a new record high, and hunters were thrilled to have such oportunities. Today many spoiled hunters talk like they want Wisconsin turned into one big Texas deer farm. JMHO
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