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Default RE: wisconsin DNR CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I see this thread going no where anymore. I know what I believe. IMO it boils down to poor deer herd management of the DNR. Because of this there are very low numbers of deer in certain areas. Granted some hunters were greedy and shot more doe then they needed. I guess human nature is human nature. But there were a lot of us when FORCED to shoot a doe first, did so, but then hunted only for a monster buck because we had our venison for the year.
Couldn't have said it better. Well done!

And just to reiteratesome points I made several pages back:
[ul][*]If there really is an overpopulation issue in the Wisconsin deer herd, the DNR helped create it. Making hunters apply for hunters choice, apply for doe tags, then go to the late 90's and hand out two antlerless tags per hunter per day ( were talking about some hunters who shoot multiple deer and that being a problem??? Look what state agency made it possible!).[*]No, deer management is not easy, but that is not an excuse to give the DNR a pass on missing by two or three standard deviations what the deer population of the state is. Hunters and landowners have been saying for several years now that there were not the deer the DNR insisted there were. Each year, we were basically told to not believe our own eyes.[*]The DNR needs to find a way to work with hunters and landowners. A bunch of number crunchers sitting in nice, air conditioned, taxpayer-funded offices in Madison should not have sole authority to determine wildlife management policy. WE PAY THEM!! THEY WORK FOR US!![/ul]
And now to change the subject ever so slightly...WHAT THE HECK HAS HAPPENED TO THE PACKERS??? (And no, I do not blame the DNR for that! )
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