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Default RE: wisconsin DNR CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr.mc54 I have never hunted in Iowa, the non resident license is too high. I have walked around some farms inthe area over there and driven around in the evenings with a freind that I work with. That'swhy I've seen the deer and deer sign in that area. I could have land to hunt on over there pretty easily as I do know some landowners but I can't afford the N/R tag.It's funny you mention Waukon that's where my wife is from. My inlaws are there.

My brother in laws freind was a holder of the state record bow kill a few years ago, he got knocked out by someone else though. Deer scoring 160 to 200 are not uncommon around there. Allamakee ranks as the number 1 county in the state for record book deer and Clayton is in 3rd I think. I read that article in Iowa Fish and Game.
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