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Default RE: wisconsin DNR CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I see this thread going no where anymore. I know what I believe. IMO it boils down to poor deer herd management of the DNR. Because of this there are very low numbers of deer in certain areas. Granted some hunters were greedy and shot more doe then they needed. I guess human nature is human nature. But there were a lot of us when FORCED to shoot a doe first, did so, but then hunted only for a monster buck because we had our venison for the year.

I think the choice is simple. If your happy in the way the DNR has wiped out the deer herd, keep buying a license. Support their failing policies. If not happy, don't buy a license for two or three years. Let the herd catch their breath and come back a little. Also, as a landowner (which I am) stop all hunting on your property or crossing of your property for those that want to hunt through it. For instance unless your a good swimmer or like to walk through a swamp,to get to good ground in the National, you need to cross my land, or take a long walk.... Well guess what??? Basically lock upthe DNR's pocket book until it hurts. Then and only then will they get the message. Then and only then, can we take back the herd. If other programs have to suffer, so be it.

The DNR and their supporters will always be those that refuse to accept responsibility for the poor management of the herd and blame anything or anyone they can. Its to be expected. No one likes to admit they screwed up. After all people might stop buying a license and stop their paycheck. Well that's exactly what we need to do. Shut down their funding, and in the hard times our country is experiencing, the DNR will be forced to shut down programs instead of look for other places for funding.

Lets hope also this hard winter and deep snow in the north will not wipe out the herd in places. The deer are yarding according to loggers. And with decreased numbers the more that die, will be that much harder on the herd. Also I am sure the timber wolves will move in and help themselves to the yard deer. But I am sure the DNR has all this taken into consideration. And the insurance companies will rejoice...
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