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Default RE: wisconsin DNR CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Non resident application I could do as well as shotgun only if it increases the deer herd. As far as the 250,000 licenses that might be a little more difficult obviously. People want to hunt but if you limit them in how many can hunt or go once every 3 years that's a little tougher. A lot of people would lose interest myself included. You also have to rememberWisconsin has a lot more deer area as far as woods than Iowa. It's interesting you bring up 840,000 licenses sold.What's the DNRs goal for the herd 1 million? So the average hunter can expect to see about 1 deer per year in the near future and if they shoot that one then the population is quicklydone for!!! I guess that's one way to eliminate hunting and huntersthat the liberal democratsin Madison don't like.

I know that area over there doesn't have as many hunters as we do in my counties but they also have a muchbetter chance of tagging a deer as they have more deer per hunter than we do. However the DNR over there is not trying to kill off an entire herd like the WI DNR is. That is my argument I still say that Clayton and Allamakee counties have more deer than Crawford and my area of Grant in WI. I can make the same walks and drives in the 2 areas and will see far more deer in Iowa than WI.

If a non resident tag wasn't so expensive in Iowa I would go over there in a heartbeat. I've spent time in both areas and know which one is better.I wish this house I'm in right now was in Iowa. The WI DNR has messed up the hunting that bad in my area. It's one of my few hobbies and one that I enjoy doing but going out and not seeing anything or only a few deer a year weighs on a person. I quickly see one of the things I've done all my lifedying off do to mismanagement.

Handles we will never agree on this issue but in this area in talking to several hunters most agree with me. The deer population is not what the DNR says it is.
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