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Default RE: wisconsin DNR CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Iowa has done spot testing for CWD but as far as I've heard no positive results have come back. I hope they wouldn't try to cure it the bang up way WI has which has been a series of missteps. There is no cure for it anyway.As far as eradicating them, no they actually are wondering if they need the extra antlerless seasons because the kill was down some for the regular shotgun seasons.

Now the states out west that have CWD as far as I know have never tried to completely decimate the deer herd. It's an impossible task anyway. Unfortunately the WI DNR didn't understand that. It's common sense that you can't kill every deer as people out of the cities or other non hunters own some of the land and won't let anyone in there. You may kill the deer on one farm but what about the ones on the land next doorthat doesn't get hunted.That is so easy to understand but it's out of the DNRs grasp. I never once read or heard anywhere that Colorado was trying to kill every deer in the state to stop CWD. They've had it what since the 60's?

The CWD is in the soil if I'm not mistaken so unless the DNR starts running around with dozers and excavators and stripping the ground it's going to be here. I probably shouldn't say that as the boneheads willdecide that's the new plan of attack.

I thinkCWD has been here forever and will be here forever. It doesn't faze me and I'll continue to eat the deer I harvest unless it appears to be sick. That goes back to the common sense issue. A lot of people that spend time in the woods have seen or taken deer that appeared sickly and I doubt if they've been dumb enough to eat it. If it appears sickly or infected don't consume it period. I like venison loin chops aswell as anyone but I wouldn't take the chance on a knowingly sick deer.

I like most other hunters want the deer herd numbers back up where they should be. It appearsthe CWD and EABfiascois just an excuse to please the auto insurance companies. I still saw more deer in themid80's to the early90's than I see now.
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