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Default RE: wisconsin DNR CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't include 75D or 75C at all because I knew that only a small portion of those zones were in Grant. If you don't want to include 73E either, then disregardthose 5,000 or so deer,which would also account for any extra harvested in the the cwd area. We are still about 2000 more deer harvested in aproximately the same land area, apples for apples,and it wasn't just for 2007, it was for every year leading up to that.Wisconsin is probably the best state in the nation for raising deer, and record books, and harvest recordspretty much prove it.
I also doubt that all ofIowa hunters are happy this year as their harvest dropped to 117,000 total, from a high two years ago of 188,000. So perhaps some of the thingsour DNRsaid about low harvest numbersregarding the weather, hunting effort, hunting styles is true, as just across the stream, they also are having a down year. SomeIowa hunters are probably happy because their overall deer population is still slowly rising, while ours has stabilized or dropped slightly. They only have 250K hunters statewide, that's a drop in the bucket to our 840,000,so there is much lesshunting pressure overall, so it is easier forsaid hunters to see deer. Heckeven private land is stillfairly easy to access there. So overall fewer things to complain about.
So if you want it to be like Iowa lets do these things:
1. Limit to 250,000 licenses (or there abouts)
2. go shotgun only
3. Have an application and drawing for non-residents.
You seem like an intelligent guy, and I agree with your 1-2 deer per season. That's my personal max as well. I just can't use any more than that. But can you imagine what the guys on this forum and in this state would do if we tried to incorporate any one of the three items listed above? You think they are mad hunters now??

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