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Default RE: wisconsin DNR CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I definately agree with Handles. Even though it is legal to shoot a lot of does, hunters need to realize the harm they are causing on the deer herd. When I hear about oneperson shooting 10, 15, sometimes over 20 deer in a single season it makes me sick. These will be the same people complaining in a few years when they don't see any deer. I would never shoot a doe in northern Wisconsin, and I did go out on the doe hunt in Southeaster Wisconsin, but only because I didn't shoot a buck. That's not to say that you shouldn't be shooting does. If every hunterlimited themselves to shooting enough for themselves to eat, then we wouldn't be having these problems. However, with the DNR completelylosing control after CWD was discovered, they really haven't been giving hunter's a choice with all the earn a buck threats and seasons, so hunters feel like they're doing good by shooting lots of deer. As long as we shoot only enough deer that we will use, we can count on having a deer herd in the future. Think about your actions before shooting a bunch of deer and dumping them off at a food pantry.
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