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Default RE: wisconsin DNR CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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THE WAY IT IS NOW,I WOULD BE GLAD TO SEE TWO DEER A DAY. We used to see 10-15 a day till last year . Then it went down to 1-3 deer. This year it was 2 deer all season! That is why every one is outraged with the DNR. What do you think of CWD? Are you afraid to eat the deer you take? Like I said before If it looks sick don't eat it. I hunted many years in the south east area of WI and ate the deer- it never hurt us any.
I'm really not too concerned about CWD anymore. The only difference is we bone out our meat now and don't touch the neck meat. As for hunting its pretty simple, get a doe then hunt big bucks, someone gets a buck then try to get a doe again we don't go nuts and shoot every doe that walks. I got bit in the a** once where I saw a giant buck but had to let him walk cuz no tag but I'd rather do that then have 3-4 unused buck tags at the end of the season. I talked toalot of guys in the CWD that are hunting that way now and buck tags are treated like gold and saved for bigger bucks. We're lucky and haven't seen any sick looking deer but if we did it would be killed.
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