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Default RE: wisconsin DNR CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If hunter numbers drop, and harvest rates drop, and deer population increases for more than a year or so, we will likely see more EAB, possibly some double EAB (two doe for 1 buck) and possibly some doe only zones. Oh and license costs go up for those remaining hunters, and those who decide to hunt in the future.
How's that sound fellas?

The DNR is like the Grim Reaper. It will get you in the end.

Sure!...right...the DNR knows all, sees all, and should just be able to rule by a bunch of feudal lords accountable to no one.

And, under yourscenario that sort of resembles a hippie on a bad acid flash...,since the DNR has once again given hunters and landowners a certain hand gesture using a particular finger by implemening more brain-dead policies, the number of hunters drops further, the DNR loses the 30% credibility rating they now have, the deer population explodes to 5 million due to lack of hunting pressure, state legislators raise he** since spending related to deer hunting plunges, and sales of hunting licenses drop to insignificant levels resulting in a huge budget shortfall at the DNR necessitating the layoff of the morons who came up with the faulty estimates and so-called "deer management" solutions that created this mess....Hey, sounds like a perfect storm to abolish the DNR altogether!

Why wait??
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