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Default RE: wisconsin DNR CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But as far as numbers of deer, numbers of bucks, numbers of big bucks, Wisconsin stomps all over Iowa, just check P&Y, B&C, or SCI record books.
I don't think the point was to compare the potential or hunting in Iowa to Wisconsin. It sounded to me like the point was to compare the overall experience with herd management. Wisconsin, especially in the Mississippi River Block, has almost perfect topography for developing big deer. I can't think of an area in Iowa anything like that.

As for management, again...the DNR grossly overestimated the population of deer across the state as evidenced by the harvest data. By the DNR's own assertion (Keith Warnke's own words), the decreased harvest numbers this year cannot be attributed to either lack of effort by hunters or weather. The goofy SAK method of estimating deer population is now being shown for what it is: nothing more than another glorified way of guessing that is heavily reliant on subjective inputs.

So Handles, either way you look at it a bunch of hunters are ticked off. Whether or notthe angeris all justified is not the core issue; the core issue is that because hunters across the state saw fewer deer than they were led to believe would be there, many of them are P.O.'ed. Why should the DNR care? Well, what happens next year if the number of hunters drops off by 10% or20%, since the DNR repeatedly refers to hunters as their "primary herd management tool"? How does the DNR handle "herd management" then with even fewer hunters? Require hunters to harvest two does before shooting at a buck? Levy a fine on hunters who do not fill a tag? Dust off the "sharpshooters from helicopters" idea again?

Once again, my point is the DNR needs to work with hunters and work with landowners and come up with longer term strategies for managing the herd that will be acceptable to all. Stop ignoring the reports that hunters in many units have given for years stating that the deer population is down, and then simply attributing the reports to things like "changing hunter habits". The DNR's days of the "shoot the deer or go to h***!" attitude needs to end...NOW!!
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