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Default RE: wisconsin DNR CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Being a landowner/hunter in the CWD zone I followed it close from the start. I remember when it first was found they consulted with the western states that had CWD and they were told to attempt to eradicate or stop the spread of the it. A few years after the eradication/herd reduction hunts, they received kudos from these other states for their efforts. They know now that zero population is not possible. I still think that the DNR thinks CWD is statewide and that is why you have EAB all over the state(herd reduction without the CWD freak out we had 6 years ago). As for Iowa, they can keep it and their TV shows, I'll keep hunting quietly in my little CWD corner of WI(seeing plenty of deer and a few nice bucks every year). The thing that I don't get is the guys in the northern and central part of state that usually see 50+ deer a day now see 2-3 a day. Whatever the problem is the dnrneeds to find answers. I heard Mr. Warnke likes to get e-mails
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