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Default RE: wisconsin DNR CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You guys are hilarious. Comparing Iowa to Wisconsin? You want their deer harvest?You are already complaining about our 300K or so harvest!The bitching on here would be unreal if we had Iowa's herd. Iowa harvests only about 120,000 deer per year. Thereare only about 250,000 hunters total, and almost the entire state is shotgun only. Go hunt there if you want. just make sure you apply for your out of state tag for about 3 years in advance.
To say Iowa has better hunting is nuts. Sure there are places where it is outstanding, such as the private land/leases that you see on T.V., and there are some big deer in other areas of the state, no question. Low averagehuman population, low# of hunters, and shotgun only helps getage on the bucks, something that I would like to see more of here.But as far as numbers of deer, numbers of bucks, numbers of big bucks, Wisconsin stomps all over Iowa, just check P&Y, B&C, or SCI record books.
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