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Default RE: putting a stand in a cedar?

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I dont know about hanging IN a cedar...but its been my experience that bucks like to bed in cedar thickets.

I hunted a farm a few years ago that had some random cedar patches(most about or under 5 acres).

Almost every cedar patch served as a bedding area. I couldnt and wouldnt get anywhere near those areas in the afternoon, and if I were smart, I would have hunted real tight to them(still allowing myself to be able to exit the stand without spooking deer) in the mornings.

It really depends on the layout of your hunting property, but bucks like to bed in adn rub cedars(I've read that they like the aroma that is excreted from the tree while they rub it).

well im just tryin to figure out a way to get more cover in my stand
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