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Default RE: wisconsin DNR CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So in reality, you should be mad at your neighbors for shooting deer on their land. If they had exercised some control you wouldn't be on this forum complaining about this subject.
That's my whole point. Just because something is legal it doesn't mean a hunter or landowner has to do it. If you feel your deer herd is in jepardy, then by all means don't shoot any doe. You live there, you should know.
That's been my point from the begining. The problem is that many hunters will shoot what ever and however many deer, ducks, phesants, turkeys thatare legal, and if we take away the DNR restrictions (whether they are good or bad in your eyes) that many hunters will go completely overboard.That does include farmers who fill, or ask hunters to fill all of their ag tags.
Remember, not all farmers are hunters. Many of them could give a rip if there was a deer anywhere on their property, and yet others won't allow any hunting on theirs. Not all farmers are good stuards of the land. Many of them plow up every possible acre for crops, and diminish places for wildlife to live. Many use more chemicals than are needed, or have poor practices regarding animal waste control.
There are some really dumb hunters and some really dumb farmers out there depending on how you look at things.
Oh, and one other thing...I highly doubt that the DNR will get rid of volunteers. So why don't you do something positive and help out?

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